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We are a gang of innovators out to take over the digital world. Instead of using machine guns and laser beams we use weapons like PHP, MySQL, HTML5, WordPress, Joomla, Magento, etc to make killer web designs and developments that are meant to knock out our competitors and establish a new wave of innovation on the web.

The Story of WebAid24

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On a cold windy night of year 2008, while doing some work for his project, Md. Al-Amin Biplob was bitten by a rare breed of crawlies called entrepreneurial bug with the help of Roopak Loodh. He immediately started showing the symptoms- sleepless nights, turning late night mouse potato, unbound enthusiasm and most risky of them all- a passion to open up his own IT VENTURE!!!

The bug bite changed him irrevocably. He persevered and labored. And then one day it happened. WebAid24 became a reality! The next task for him was to for a team of pioneers. And after searching far and wide for individuals who shared his zeal to create something amazing, he finally found the first member of his team. Rupak Loodh (Co-Founder)

Together the two members continued their hunt of the most innovative, brightest and sharpest mind for the WebAid24 team. And soon enough their numbers started rising. You see the world still had people who wanted to be different and establish a new standard of excellence.

The year 2012 marked became a major milestone for WebAid24. It was the year it got official recognition in the world and became a Private Limited company.

With success comes responsibility and swanky, new office! The team shifted to a new Head Office with latest architecture and gadgets.All the geeks were extremely happy and celebrated by playing counter strike!

It has been six years since the dangerous bug bit Roopak Loodh, but there still doesn’t seem to be any sign of recovery, he is still just as eager to reach the top and beyond. And as for WebAid24, it has been on a continuous winning streak, bagging reputed clients after reputed clients.

Some say we do not know what future holds, but when it comes to WebAid24 we know exactly what its future will be like. Md.Al-Amin Biplob saw a dream to be the best digital agency in the world and that’s exactly the direction in which WebAid24 is headed.

Our Mission

Creating Digital World For You

Internet is laden with too many sites that are simply boring and inefficient to use. As a user they put you off and as a business owner it doesn’t fetch you any returns. But, we at WebAid24 rectify this problem by making sites for web as well as mobiles that are gorgeous in design and smooth in functionality. We work to make the web a beautiful place, where users love spending time on sites created by us and as a result, the corresponding businesses gain valuable customers

our super strengths

Quality Deliverables

if there is one thing we never compromise on that is our quality. We believe in delivering our best and that is exactly what we do.


What makes us so good is the fact we love doing what we do. Every individual at WebAid24 is hired for the driving passion they have for their work.

Customer Oriented Approach

Businesses are defined by how well their customers think of them. We are what we are today because of our dedicated services that our clients appreciate.

Honesty and Transparency

We don’t take undue advatage of client’s ignorance of technological elements and always give them honest support. We also keep a transparent system as far as the prices for services are concerned.



If you are looking for a career that will give you opportunities to hone your skills and provide an environment to gain valuable experience, then WebAid24 is the place for you.

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Our Team

Our Team

The team at WebAid24 is no ordinary one. It takes mortal minds and immortal skills to pull off perfect projects. They are all superheroes, dressed up in everyday mundane, to deceive you.

Our Team Our Team

our weapons

our weapons our weapons

Awards & Recognition

we have worked with 200+ companies, including these folks:

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